Building an Outdoor Grill Fireplace for Starters

An outdoor grill fireplace delivers both sophistication and functionality to backyards. If you love outdoor parties and cookout picnics, there is no way you are not having one in your backyard. However, building a fireplace comes with comprehensive planning, unrelenting effort, and sufficient finance. It all sounds exhausting, right? Well, it could just as well be great fun along the way. The following list intends to help you out on how to kick off your outdoor grill fireplace building.

1. Think through your purpose of building the fireplace

The planning of your outdoor fireplace firstly depends on what you intend its functionality should be. Whether you aim to hold intimate cookouts for a small group or host large parties outdoors dictates on the size and set up of the fireplace that should be built in your backyard. Also, think of what other purposes you want that fireplace to serve you aside from having it for grilling, whether you want to use it for a barbecue or pizza oven or others.

2. Assess and choose the location of your fireplace

When choosing a site for your outdoor fireplace, consider a spot with a safe distance from your house, from any other building like storehouses, garage, and playhouses, and from trees and overhanging vines and branches. Look around the site and inspect, or you can ask your utility, for any underground wires, cables, and pipes; you do not want to build on top of them for safety and practical reasons.

3. Design, size, and type of burning material to use

There are actually fireplace kits that you can readily assemble, but if you want a personal touch and customization, you can have your desired physical outcome of the fireplace be sketched. When designing, the major elements to exist are the base, the firebox, the grill grates, and the vent.You can choose to add accessories such as wood storage and seats set up. Be sure to achieve proportions with the surroundings.

The size of your fireplace depends on how large you intend your parties to be as well as how its size complements to your house. The Pellet Grills by Pit Boss are readymade so you also have to plan the dimensions of the fireplace around its size. The height is solely your preference.

What you need to decide early on is the type of burning material to use, that is, either wood-burning or a gas grill. If you plan to have a wood-burning fireplace, you firstly need to inquire about the needed legal permits, learn about any regulations and other requirements on your locality. Gas fireplace requires more safety measures in connecting your fireplace to the gas line; you should ask your gas company to help you out in this matter.

4. Gather the materials

List the building materials you intend to use for the project and start purchasing the materials that needed to be bought. It is best to ask advice for the correct building materials that makes up a durable fireplace.

After obtaining all the materials needed and after settling all the legalities needed for the building, you can now start the actual construction of your outdoor grill fireplace. The construction part necessitates group effort and skill, so better pull out your human resources to help you out. Happy building!

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